Mariner of the Seas


Mariner of the Seas

Guests on Mariner of the Seas will experience one of the most exciting cruise ships ever built. With a total length of 1,020 feet, a weight of 138,000 tons and a capacity to hold 3,114 passengers, Mariner of the Seas has something for everyone. Part of the Voyager class of cruise ships, which represents the highest public space-per-guest ratio in the cruise market, this spectacular ship was designed with enhanced staterooms, expanded dining options and state-of-the-art recreational facilities like a rock-climbing wall, ice-skating rink and basketball court.


This 160 sq. ft. standard stateroom offers two twin beds that can be converted to a Royal King bed, a private bath and all basic amenities.

The Ocean View staterooms measures 161 sq. ft. offering a gorgeous view with two twin beds, able to be converted to a Royal King bed, and a private bathroom.

These luxurious suites offer separate living areas, private balconies and a mini bar. It also comes with two twin beds that converts to a Royal King bed and a double sofa bed. The size of the stateroom is about 630 sq. ft. and the balcony at 90 sq. ft.


Package Include

  • Accomodation
  • Port charges
  • All meals (Fine dining, International buffet and more)
  • Ice-Skating, Rock Climbing, Surfing & Mini Golf
  • Swimming & Hot Spring
  • World-Class Ice-Skating Show

Cruise FAQ

1. What do I wear? 

  • Fine Dining (Western Cuisine)
    • Male guests: no shorts, sleeveless shirts, travel shoes or sandals will be allowed
    • Female guests: no shorts, sandals and camisoles are allowed.
  • All guests are required to wear formal attire for these events.
  • Except for the above mentioned occasions, you can wear casually onboard at any time!

2. What are the activities available?

  • Daily notifications will be put up at every corner on the cruise.
  • Cruise crew will put a detailed daily itinerary inside each guest room.
  • Except for the standard and fix activities, there are other special activities that differ from day to day.
  • Take for instance, Royal Caribbean offer high standard performances such as magic shows and concerts delivered by famous artists from all over the world every day.
  • If your children prefer playing than to watch performances, you can always let them go to the children room. These rooms are divided into different age groups and your children will definitely have a great time playing there!

3. How do I pay onboard?

  • As you check in, you can link your credit card to your room card. For every purchase you make onboard, you would only need to show your room card.
  • Payments will be automatically deducted from your credit card as your journey ends.
  • The staff provide excellent service but they will not accept tips under any circumstances. However, their performance will be assessed based on the feedbacks from the customer survey forms that you will fill up when you leave. You can show your appreciation by giving them positive feedbacks!

4. What can I bring onboard?

  • Food and drinks will be provided for free onboard. You can pack food from restaurants or stalls. 24-hour food and hot drinking water supply can be consumed in your own room.
  • Pleasebe reminded that liquor is not allowed on board.

5. Will be I be contactable on board?

  • Satellite phone calls and emails are available on board.